Summit of the Americas 2010 in Review Hyundai cover

Hyundai Attempts to Pursue Two Value Propositions – Can They Manage the Transition?

In my strategic planning fable “Roadmaps and Revelations” one of the four fundamental strategy questions I offer to readers is “How do you sell?” which represents the [...]

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Summit of the Americas 2010 in Review - Paul Niven

Welcome from Paul Niven

Hello, and welcome to the Corporater World Enterprise Performance Management Blog. I’m very pleased to be joining my friends Tor Inge Vasshus and Eric Peterson who will also be contributing regularly on this site. With our blend of perspectives and styles [...]

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performance management

Adding Workflow to your Performance Management processes

I have seen several times, enterprises facing problems with the implementation of their performance management systems and processes. There are several reasons [...]

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Summit of the Americas 2010 in Review- Eric


Starting a new blog is a daunting task. It feels much like moving into a new, empty home– before there is any furniture, and before it feels like home. Of course with blogs, the time line moves backwards, so reading chronologically, this introductory [...]

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