performance reporting

How to Report Team Performance

I frequently become involved with customer cases involving the Reporter module. This is a bad habit of mine that I am struggling to break, but I just cannot help myself. My involvement gives me insight into actual customer needs. This insight results in me carrying [...]

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business intelligence

“Agility” is the next wave

I don’t know if you have had a chance to look at the North American Palladium Summit program for this year. One of the main topics Kaplan & Norton are speaking about is “Agility & Speed” and the response time for an organization to adapt their strategy [...]

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Balanced Scorecard

Unfreezing Your Balanced Scorecard

One of the basic tenets of change management is that over time people and institutions tend to become ‘frozen’ in their ways of doing things. Frozen in the way they think about customers and markets, about which products and services to provide [...]

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strategy management

Simplicity – It’s Harder than it Sounds

If you had one of the top productivity blogs on the web do you think it would be wise to suddenly tell your readers they should “Toss productivity advice out the window?” Seems crazy, or at least counter intuitive, but that’s exactly what Zen Habits blogger Leo [...]

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strategy management

ONWARD! – Action Brings Clarity

If you never take action, you’ll never get any feedback on your attempts, and without feedback, you’ll never grow as a problem-solver…When you do take action, every result is an opportunity to reflect and learn valuable lessons. Even if what you take away from [...]

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corporate performance management

The Power of Leading Indicators – As Important As Ever

In the Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard worlds we often highlight the value of leading indicators of success. An effective system should contain a mix of lagging and leading measures [...]

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business intelligence and analytics

The Space Between – The People Side of Change

I was a fresh MBA student, on my intern assignment between semesters at the ripe young age of 26. I had just finished a year of “Business 101” and was bursting with confidence (some might say cockiness) [...]

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Strategy Management Solution

Ten Benefits Of Using Technology in Strategy Management

I’d like to get to the point on the the role of technology in Strategy Management. There is merit to the idea that it’s best to begin with a manual process, then once your needs and workflows are well understood, migrate to [...]

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Strategy Management

Communication Lessons from Zenyatta

So who is Zenyatta, you ask? Quite simply, she is one of the greatest racehorses of all time, compiling an astounding record of 19 victories in 20 starts against some of the best equine athletes in the world. Her lone defeat [...]

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Strategy & Performance Management

Take It Up A Notch

The point of Strategy or Performance Management isn’t Monitoring. Monitoring and its counterpart Evaluation, are only useful if they lead to better decision-making. Decision-making is best undertaken in small groups of peers, with informed, frank debate [...]

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EPM systems

The three types of EPM systems – Process support in your EPM system

Over the years I have seen that Performance management systems mainly collect data and present them to mangers/ users. These systems go by many names – decision support systems, business intelligence, and [...]

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Balanced Scorecard Forum

A Report from the Dubai Balanced Scorecard Forum

Last week I had the great pleasure to speak at the 2011 Balanced Scorecard Forum in Dubai. It was my first trip to the Emirates and thus my first direct exposure to the business environment in that corner of the world [...]

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