BI systems

Is Your BI Ready for Swimsuit Season?

It is a fact that data management is all about structure and that data is mostly stored in “column and row” databases. And when your view of the world revolves around data and managing data, this makes sense. Most BI systems are built using data management [...]

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motivate employees

Milestone Parties: When Is the Last Time You Celebrated?

How to motivate employees? I’ve had a prime viewing seat to observe, firsthand, how companies motivate employees – as we help companies all over the world to improve performance management. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are overlooked. [...]

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strategic alignment

What is a critical difference between low and high performing companies?

Harvard Business Review (HBR) is quite clear when it states: ‘The best-performing companies are often the best aligned’. Strategic alignment is defined as ‘the [...]

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Business Solution

Confession is Good for the Soul

This is the continuation of my last blog where I shared my painful lessons learned about the difference between a “technology solution” and a “business solution”. If I’d known this ahead of time, I could have literally saved my company millions of dollars. [...]

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business solution

Confessions of a Failed Man

There is a big difference between “implementing technology” and “implementing a business solution”. I was a project manager for a Performance Management / Dashboard Project for a Fortune 250 company... I bare my soul and share the first five insights [...]

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strategy execution

Why Can’t They Just Cooperate? Frustrations with Strategy Execution

Early in my strategy career, I was assigned the difficult task of coercing the busy executives in a large organization to comply with our strategy management process. Specifically, we wanted them to cough up their monthly performance measure data [...]

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CIO – how do you link up to Corporate strategy?

Every CXO would like to link up to the company’s overall strategy. You as a CIO has probably been through Gartner’s enterprise architecture papers that tell you how to connect to the overall strategy. Simultaneously there is a ‘race’ from every CXO to connect to strategy and be relevant. [...]

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How to Encourage Addiction in the Workplace?

Do you remember the phenomenon of Pokémon Go which was so addictive that players were injured when they ignored their actual physical surroundings in lieu of viewing those surroundings through a screen? [...]

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BI business intelligence

Living the Dream


How often do you utter the phrase, “I wish”? We hear it a lot from customers who have implemented BI (Business Intelligence). They love the analytic power of BI (and we, too, are big fans of BI!) but the business side of the organization is left wishing BI [...]

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CEO dashboard

5 Dashboards that will boost CEOs’ strategic decisions

As CEOs look to monitor business strategies, business operations and keep service-level targets in check, they need information and business dashboards that serve them in those endeavors. So, what’s really the secret behind the best corporate dashboards [...]

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