Businesses have to party more

I am stuck in an airport on my way to the Middle East and I thought I would spend this time writing more of what I experienced at this year’s Global Leadership summit. Bill Hybel talked about the journey of a company from its current position to the future state (destination). The most critical part of the journey is when you have left the harbor (current state) and are alone out in the rough sea on your way to your new destination (strategic destination).

He gave us good advice on what to do when you are on your journey towards your strategic destination. You need a lot of milestones on your journey. The milestones will help your organization to see if you are actually moving towards the target. Milestones are also important to keep up your faith and motivate you to continue. Here comes the best advice of all – party and celebrate each milestone achievement! This will help you to not only keep up the faith, but also the sprit in the organization.  We need to party more!!!


Tor Inge Vasshus

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