Strategic Initiatives

Bridge the gap between strategy and execution and become more agile and responsive by translating them into actionable initiatives. Articulate responsibilities, deadlines, cost and more with improved clarity and commit enhanced transparency across the organization.

Introduce and manage the key initiatives with Corporater strategic initiative management solution that offers tools to visualize simple to complex initiatives and activities. Collaborate and assess performance on a continuous basis by tracking these initiatives and make better and reliable timely decisions.


Foster accountability

Track the progress, set priorities, and manage your on-going strategic initiative portfolio. Create and define projects and assign sub-tasks to individual users.

Define, manage, and monitor tasks, milestones, and projects

Monitor the status and progress of your activities and initiatives linked to your strategic goals and targets. Evaluate the effectiveness of your initiatives, and the financial and human capital they require.

Improve visibility and collaboration

View complex projects, programs, and initiatives as related activities, sub-tasks, and milestones. Improve collaboration by creating dashboards to track the status and progress of initiatives and their components.

Link necessary resources to projects

By linking strategic initiatives budgeting and workflow, you can see at a glance whether they are on time, within budget, and according to plan.

Analyze efficiency of the initiatives

Evaluate the effectiveness of your initiatives, and the financial and human capital they require. Prioritize the activities that build the most value in your organization. Identify areas needing extra resources or attention.

Dynamic Reporting

Create intelligent reports that can read the data and compare it to rules and conditions to present summaries of what you need to know. Create an alert or exception report to identify and report underperforming metrics across your organization.


Corporater helps Compliance become an effective business partner, rather than an internal policeman

Nick Jepson

GRC Specialist Mudbrick Limited

"Corporater provides an essential combination of bespoke dashboards to monitor your responsibilities and the ability to capture the actions you take"

Nick Jepson

GRC Specialist, Mudbrick Limited

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