Operational and IT Risk Management

Operational risk is a certainty (every organization will face it) in an inherently uncertain environment (risk by its nature is an uncertainty). The question becomes how do you manage the risks? How do you combine locations, departments, fractured data sets, spreadsheets, and silos to achieve a holistic view?

Take your operational or IT risk management to the next level by introducing the Corporater BMP to streamline the risk management process supporting ISO 27005, ISO 31000 or COSO ERM – or a hybrid. Whether you need an entry-level implementation to move away from Excel, or if your strategy is to integrate operational/IT risk as a holistic enterprise solution, the agile and versatile Corporater BMP can help you achieve your aspiration out of the box, customized or as a tailored solution.

  • Internal risk assessment
  • External risk assessment
  • Monitoring
  • Control activities
  • Mitigation workflows
  • Risk response
  • Communication & reporting

Operational Risk

An agile organization knows its current risk & opportunity profile, not only its market, financial and strategic risk, but also operational and IT risk – integrated and correlated for a holistic view of the organization to aid faster and risk-wise better decisions.

Risk Impact

Define, measure, and manage operational risk across operational silos. With a better understanding of operational risks, increasing operational risk intelligence; yielding business impact based decisions to accept, mitigate or avoidance of risks.


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