Barrier and Hazard Risk Management

Manage your operational hazard risks with Corporater BMP – as part of your holistic Integrated Risk Management initiative. Your hazard assessments can be visualized as informative representations of your hazards and barriers as bow-tie diagrams or as your own customized visualization for communicating to stakeholders and demonstrating compliance with regulations.

Corporater Barrier and Hazard Risk Management Software

A risk-intelligent culture, aligning the best tool for Integrated Risk Management with your people, processes, and data drives a risk intelligent corporate culture is considered a competitive advantage.

Assess and treat more risks more efficiently, ensure quality for your risk data, and let top management focus on the fewer key risks aligned with strategic objectives and performance trends. Enter a systematic, transparent, traceable, and continuously Integrated Risk Management culture to bringing the insight of individuals to corporate impact.

Flexible and Adaptable Visualisation

The ability to implement a barrier-based hazard management system using a bow-tie method is a classical example of how Corporater can turn a traditional method of risk management into a sophisticated, integrated, yet simple representation of the relationship between proactive and reactive risk management. All elements portrayed in the visualization are linked to the underlying processes, data and workflows.


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