Corporater solutions- anytime, anywhere.

Begin delivering business outcomes now.  Pricing starts at USD 79 monthly, per user.  Contact us for more details.

Why you should choose corporater Cloud?

Minimize Costs

Focus on the performance of your business, rather than the performance of your technology. Avoid investing in hardware infrastructure and IT resources to manage and support the solution.  Minimize your total cost of ownership.  Costs are affordable, easy to understand, transparent and predictable.

Rapid Deployment

You can deploy Corporater BMP quickly across your entire organization. Reduce your time to benefit, go
global in minutes and start redefining your corporate performance management.

Always ready

You have clear service level agreements that define response times and escalation paths. Take advantage of the latest features and versions with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Key Benefits

frequently asked questions

The statistics show that the cloud is more secure than on-premise solutions.

To keep your technical infrastructure and resources secure, we offer the following:

  • Credentials for access control (passwords, multifactor authentication, etc.)
  • HTTPS for encrypted data transmission (using the SSL/TLS protocol, which uses public-key cryptography to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, and forgery)
  • Individual user accounts
  • User activity logs for security monitoring
  • Trusted advisor security checks

No. With flexible cloud scaling, we control the environment to meet your needs.

Yes.  We integrate with your existing corporate directories using SSL and SAML protocols.

Where do you want it stored?  We use Amazon data centers throughout the world, based on customer preference or proximity.

For each client we define a piece of cloud and make it theirs. Each customer will have their own virtual private cloud (VPC) isolated from the other virtual networks on the cloud.

We support VPN, allowing you to extend your organization network across the internet, enabling secure communication channels between cloud and your on-premise environments.

See what Corporater can do for you

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