Risk Management Solution

Understand and manage risks in the organizational context and offer your stakeholders valuable insights into its risk profile, for smarter decision making. Monitor, quantify and manage operational risks with Corporater risk management solution and significantly reduce potential disruptive business events.

The unified approach of our enterprise risk management software helps you map risks to functional levels and prioritize them across the organization. Being able to incorporate any risk or control framework, it helps organizations improve business productivity by analyzing the impact of potential risks vis-à-vis mitigation actions as part of forecasts and long-term planning.


Capture risks and streamline risk assessment

Capture risks and create assessments and track them across the organization. View the assessments with our integrated dynamic dashboards and ensure that they are being acted upon thus creating a valuable dialogue between business and the operational risks.

Promote strategic alignment

Align all of your business units and processes, and effectively manage performance metrics, initiatives, risks, resources, and competencies.

Risk Dashboards

Visualize risk across the enterprise and also customize risk views based on roles. Permit individual users only to view the data relevant to them, thus ensuring information security.

Improve business value

Gain insight into various risk levels and its impact on value. Identify and empower the stakeholders at all levels to align risk management with key business value drivers.

Risk modeling and impact analysis

Predict the impact of risk events by modeling and analyzing them and connect them directly to organizational information without the need for complex interfaces, helping organizations to act upon vulnerabilities in real-time.

Issue Management and Action Planning

Track all your risks in real-time and route them through a systematic process of analysis and remediation.

Comprehensive Risk Reporting

Configure risk dashboards, periodic reports, ad hoc reports and more to deep-dive on specific risk issues. Corporater risk management solution offers complete flexibility and ability to customize controls and risk management activities.

Are you Evaluating the solution?

At Corporater, we understand that every customer is unique and we support them right through the solution evaluation process. You can either choose to share information about your requirements or schedule a meeting with our domain experts. Just let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

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