Anti-Money Laundering Solution / Counter-Terrorist Financing Solution

Companies are struggling to demonstrate AML/CTF compliance with the regulators. Many have measures in place for requirements related to KYC, Customer Due-Diligence, Transaction Monitoring, and Suspicious Activity Investigation and Reporting, however, the main reason for most recent sanctions are due to lack of companies’ ability to demonstrate an effective holistic AML program.

Corporater AML/KYC solution is a digital tool that empowers organizations to facilitate, manage, and demonstrate compliance for their AML/CTF Program. Corporater’s AML/CTF enables you to holistically govern, manage, and assure your AML program across the 3 lines of defense – being able to assess the state of your AML program at any time.

The AML solution can be stand-alone or part of a holistic GPRC approach. By leveraging the same platform for different solutions, Corporater can be extended to other compliance needs and/or broader corporate performance and risk management requirements.

  • Achieve a more effective AML program to combat financial crime
  • Reduce the company’s and individuals’ risk exposure to AML compliance risk
  • Reduce the overall cost associated with AML compliance
  • Increase awareness, accountability, and break down organizational silos

  • Clearly set and communicate management objectives, policies, context, and criteria
  • Manage cross-border and multi-jurisdictional AML-compliance requirements and measures
  • Assess the current status for the AML program
  • Manage AML risks in an enterprise risks context
  • Initiate remedial measures to address AML gaps uncovered by regulatory reviews
  • Assign and track responsibilities and deadlines
  • RegTech docking and monitoring for e.g. Transaction Monitoring
  • Plan and manage internal audit activities
  • Audit trail
  • Automate your Suspicious Activity Investigation (SAI), Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)
  • Automate your Customer Identification Program (CIP) and Customer Due-diligence (CDD) Lifecycle and reporting
  • Create automated reports to demonstrate AML compliance to key stakeholders and the regulatory body
  • Monitor the different aspects of AML with customizable dashboards containing KRIs, KPIs, and KCIs and other metrics for risk level, operational monitoring, deviations, maturity, effectiveness and more

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Dashboards displaying AML Risks

Manage AML risks in an enterprise risks context

Compliance Risk Dashboard

Dashboards that displays AML risks


Corporater AML dashboard displays AML deviations, maturity, and risk profile for each entity/unit

AML monitoring dashboard

RegTech docking and monitoring for e.g. Transaction Monitoring

AML risk treatment

AML risk treatment; tasks, and measures

KYC Governance Dashboard

Customer Identification Program & KYC Governance Dashboard

RegTech Effectiveness Dashboard

Corporater makes regulatory compliance, easier, predictable and less stressful for senior management.

RegTech dashboard

RegTech dashboard provides trend data and Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)

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