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BSC Champion Testimonials

When people ask me about customer references, I always tell them that they should not ask the person that has committed the money for the project. This person is by default obliged to say that the project was a success. I suggest to talk to people who are not that close to the project management – to see if the Business Management Platform/ Balanced Scorecard project was a success. You will most likely hear different stories depending on who you ask.

I attend many conferences worldwide and listen to people present their success cases. I ask myself why there are none presenting cases where they say, “we did not get success” or, “we did it wrong.” I know that conference organizers select only the best cases, but do the presenters have success in all areas of their implementation?

In my 20 years of working with performance management I have only heard one case presented where it was said, “we failed” This is the user case I remember best. These are the types of cases we need to learn from. Why don’t conference organizers put up such cases on the agenda?

Sadly, I think that conference organizers will continue the same way as always and hide the true learning cases. Just to prove my hypothesis. I will bet $1 that the next year’s summits and conferences do not contain US bank’s success implementing the Balanced Scorecard. Let’s see if I am wrong.

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