Corporater Business Management Platform Helps Bring Visibility And Strategic Alignment To National Catering Company

Industry: Services

National Catering Company (NCC) LLC is one of the largest support-services conglomerates in the United Arab Emirates. It specializes in industrial and corporate catering, facilities management, engineering, food distribution, retail, and foods and beverages (F&B). With an extensive product range and quality services, NCC offers the best economically comprehensive solutions for its clients’ requirements.

The Customer

NCC is renowned for the high quality of its services:

  • Catering
  • Facilities management
  • Engineering services
  • Business solutions
  • Food processing

Client Statistics

  • 5000 Employees
  • 700 Scorecards
  • 600+ Key roles
  • 500+ Users
  • 13 Divisions

The Challenge: Automating Performance Management

NCC faced major challenges: tracking food costs, managing internal performance, and communicating and aligning strategy across various levels of the company. Its performance management process relied heavily on Excel® files and other documents. NCC needed an efficient performance management tool that would communicate the relationship between strategic and operations management. It needed a solution that would automate its Balanced Scorecard process, clearly define organizational goals, and translate those goals into:

  • Strategic initiatives
  • Operational key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Department-specific objectives

The Solution

Corporater Business Management Platform offered NCC an appraisal system for managing internal performance. This included an extensive implementation of operational KPIs. The platform gave NCC the ability to drill down to the most granular level of performance, while also ensuring alignment with larger organizational goals.

Corporater Business Management Platform was also integrated with NCC’s ERP to offer decision-ready information, as well as communication and commenting options.


“Automation of performance management was the key. We wanted a tool that would enhance our decision-making and allow tagging and communication.”

Amit Tayal
Chief finance officer, NCC


Corporater Business Management Platform at NCC 

Corporater trained NCC’s administration team on how to administer the platform, and it trained end-users on
how to use the installed suite of applications. NCC’s business users, administrative users, and information
management team all found Corporater Business Management Platform (formerly known as Corporater EPM
Suite) to be user-friendly.

During implementation, the Corporater team introduced the platform’s automated scorecards, data entry
forms, and performance reports. They ensured that NCC stakeholders had complete clarity on performance
indicators and increased accountability.


“The Corporater EPM Suite has ensured a single version of truth for performance management, with robust reports, flexible information distribution, and comprehensive metrics.”

Amit Tayal


At NCC, more than 700 scorecards are now in place, serving more than 500 business users across 13 divisions and business units. With the help of the platform’s Transformer module, NCC received organization updates and performed initial updates of its financial numbers. To provide easy data sharing, data extraction to other systems was enabled in standard file formats, such as Excel, Word, ASCII, HTML, XML, and PDF.


Greater Accountability

Corporater Business Management Platform raised the performance bar for NCC. The company now defines continuous improvement commitments and uses them to gauge overall company progress. It communicates these commitments in monthly meetings with executive leadership and incorporates them into leadership performance appraisals.

Greater Transparency

The NCC team has transparently demonstrated the systems and information in various forms. This has led to driver-based planning and the establishment of a performance baseline to create an integrated workforce. Long-term, NCC plans to make the system more visible to all employees and extend it to NCC offices in Kuwait and Yemen.

Better Alignment With Organizational Goals

NCC has realized better alignment with its larger goals. Service areas now define clear objectives and operational KPIs, which form the basis for initiatives and risk assessments. With Corporater Business Management Platform, NCC has built a holistic strategy execution model that directly links strategy with end-user management and reporting tools.

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