Scorecard on Cloud (SoC)

Corporater Scorecard is the most recognized Balanced Scorecard solution in the world. It is now available on the cloud. Start immediately, with no IT involvement, and no lengthy implementation process. We guide you through the process to be up and running in less than a day.

Corporater Scorecard on Cloud offers three packages to give you a head start. These packages contain templates that greatly accelerate implementation. Scorecards, objectives, KPIs, and initiatives are all pre-designed and waiting for your content, and we help you with the rest. While our standard edition provides a huge range of features, you can change your package at any time. Learn more about our unique approach to cloud-based Balanced Scorecards.

Scorecard on Cloud Packages

Balanced scorecard model
Standard charts and graphs
Strategic initiatives
Strategy map
‘My page’
Standard reports
Basic access control
Manual data input
Full chart and graph library
Email notifications and alerts
Customized tables
Custom reports
File attachments
Advanced KPIs and metrics
Data drill-down and analytics
Integration with additional frameworks*
Risk management
Project and portfolio management
Employee performance
Advanced analytics
Other models
Data sources
Web forms
Excel uploads
Source systems
Web services
Basic web administration
Advanced configuration
Full-featured administration tool
Secure internet connection
Virtual private network (VPN)
Single sign-on (SSO)
*Additional cost may apply

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Balanced Scorecard on Cloud

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