600Minutes CFO

May 16, 2017 | Copenhagen, Denmark

Join Corporater at 600Minutes CFO, an event attended by CFOs and Senior Finance Executives from the largest enterprises in the region!

600Minutes CFO event offers a great opportunity to expand your personal network, to know about the latest business trends, and to evaluate the potential partners in a structured way.

The event allows you to gain insight by the analyzes of the most topical issues of the CFO role, and reports the latest technological developments in the finance function.

Themes for discussions are as follows:
  • CFO’s capabilities to convert data into business insights
  • Robotics and automation in finance processes
  • Organizational transformation enabling new revenue streams and business models
  • The CFO’s role in identifying new opportunities for growth
  • Volatility – Managing risk in rapidly changing market environments

Our experts will be available during the event to discuss topics that are specific to your organization and to illustrate how your pressing and challenging problems can be resolved using Corporater Business Management Platform.


You can book a one-on-one with experts at our booth. Reserve your slot now!


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