Management Reporting Solution

Enterprise performance information for objective decision-making

Management Reporting Solution

Reduce the time and resources spent on manually creating reports from multiple systems and sources. Create and automate monthly and quarterly performance reports from a single reporting interface. In addition to strategic and operational reports, Corporater EPM platform allows you to configure conditional or rule-based reports to quickly capture and visualize exceptions and deviations. All of your performance information can be at your fingertips, in the format of your choosing.

Enterprise Reporting Workflow

Enterprise reporting workflow from the start to the end of a reporting cycle


Automate your management reporting : Streamline your management reporting process by automating this process within one solution and communicate it across the board and stakeholders.

Role-based filtering : Filter and re-use report templates according to the user or ad-hoc requests by using our smart filtering capabilities.

Hassle-free 3rd part connectivity : Create comprehensive unified reports by connecting with 3rd party solutions, thus improving the process efficiency and ensuring data accuracy.

Dynamic rule-based reports : Create intelligent reports that can read the data and compare it to rules and conditions to present summaries of what you need to know. Create an alert or exception report to identify and report underperforming metrics across your organization.

Publish reports in flexible formats and layouts : With over a dozen report formats to choose from, all the bases are covered - ranging from industry standards such as MS Word, PowerPoint, and PDF, to portable device formats for a workforce on the go. Our flexibility also means that you can continue using your existing report layouts, or merge multiple documents into the Corporater EPM platform.

Automate your report distribution : Corporater EPM platform's automated report publishing process helps you automate your report distribution by sending reports via email, or publishing them to the web.

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