Employee Performance Management Solution

Build a culture of performance by making strategy and operational excellence everyone's business

Employee Performance Management Solution

Build a world-class organization by taking a strategic approach to employee performance management. Develop employee competencies, skills, and the knowledge necessary to enable them to make improvements in the processes that create value for your organization. Align employee goals, training, and incentives with your business strategy and link compensation to targeted scorecard measures.

Inspire and drive employee performance by empowering them and maintain the strategic focus of your workforce by linking individual performance to overall strategy. Corporater employee performance management software helps align individual goals and objectives with company strategy, ensuring that employee performance is not isolated within the HR department.


Goal management : Understand the value drivers and cost drivers and how they flow across the organization and ensure alignment at all the strategic inflection points by linking individual goals to organization goals.

Foster accountability and improved performance : Track employee progress by creating organizational and personal goals and setting priorities. Have complete insight into the employee performance data and their KPIs that drive strategy and quicken the decision making process. Optimize resources and activities to drive maximum value creation.

360 degree feedback : Gather a 360 degree feedback on performance both periodically and on an ad-hoc basis across various sources such as peers, vendors, customers thus encouraging employees to consistently perform well.

Employee engagement : Evaluate, identify areas of improvement and provide feedback thus improving employee engagement with the help of the full-featured survey solution that is integrated with your performance management system.

Career development : Track and manage the learning and development of employees, identify the competency and skill gaps, and link training needs to competencies.

Succession planning : Identify your potential resources, define and build talent pools to ensure that you are ready to fill in key-positions as they arise.

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