Business Management Solutions : Discover how some of our customers are using our platform

Create your own business management solution using our platform which has more than 200 ready-made business objects, out of the box, to support your full business framework - from data to business outcomes. Listed below are some of the business management solutions that were created for some of customers.

Corporate Performance Management

Corporater Performance Management

Integrate the corporate performance management processes across the organization and transform your budgeting, planning, strategy management and financial consolidation to strategic activities that drive your financial performance.

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Balanced Scorecards and Strategy Execution

Learn how Corporater EPM platform helps build balanced scorecards and in strategy execution

Turn the vague, imprecise realm of visions and strategies into clear and objective performance measures. Align all of your business units and processes within the business management platform.

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Employee Performance Management

Corporater Employee Performance Management software solution

Build a world-class organization by taking a strategic approach to employee performance management. Align employee goals, training, and incentives with your business strategy and link compensation to targeted scorecard measures.

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Risk and Compliance Management

Corporater Risk and Compliance Management software solution

Enhance the performance of your organization by empowering your organization with a unified approach that integrates risk management and compliance processes.

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Management Reporting Software

Corporater Management Reporting software solution

Reduce the time and resources spent on manually creating reports from multiple systems and sources. Create and automate monthly and quarterly performance reports from a single reporting interface.

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KPIs and Dashboards

Corporater KPI dashboard software solution

Track your key performance indicators (KPIs) and manage all your business metrics in one place. Create visually stunning dashboards and compare the KPIs with strategic and operational objectives to ensure alignment across the organization.

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Projects and Portfolio Management

Corporater Projects and Portfolio Management software

Corporater project portfolio management (PPM) software is highly scalable and gives stakeholders complete visibility into the portfolio and helps in controlling projects with tools to standardize the project execution processes.

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Sales Performance Management

Corporater Sales Performance Management software solution

Establish a culture of sales performance by enabling better and quicker decisions that drive sales revenue, using Corporater sales performance management software.

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EPM powered by SAP HANA

SAP Partner, Corporater

Corporater's expertise in the enterprise performance management domain, combined with the power of HANA, offers a complete solution that covers all the aspects of performance management in a real-time environment.

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