Strategy-focused performance management

Strategy-focused performance management

Your business is defined by your strategy

Our Story

Corporater was founded in 2000 by CEO Tor Inge Vasshus. Having lived through the effects of IT-controlled corporate performance management solutions at a Fortune 200 company, his vision was to create software that could be run by business users. Corporater's first release was Balanced Scorecard Suite.

As a fast growing company, Corporater now has offices in the US, UK, Norway, Sweden, UAE, India, Romania, and Brazil to support its customers and the global partner network. Over the years, Corporater has expanded its solution suite to provide full functionality crossing all major performance management frameworks. Strategy continues to be at the core of the solution, and the vision of creating software for business users has remained at the forefront.

Corporater extended its focus on business users in 2008, by offering a cloud-based model. It's users have quickly grown into thousands, with customers ranging from SME's to Fortune 500 companies. Corporater remains a privately owned company, and looks ahead to continued growth well into the future.

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Our Mission

Corporater provides business users with easy to use software that drives strategy execution and delivers organizational performance.

Our Vision

The first choice for business users in strategy-focused performance management solutions.


In the real world, not all performance management information fits neatly into structured hierarchies. Exceptions are the rule. EPM Suite is designed to be highly flexible, and can capture and handle these exceptions.

Holistic Performance Management

Your business is defined by your strategy. EPM Suite offers a comprehensive overview of your performance that reaches into all functional areas and all organizational levels.

Built for Change

We believe strategy is everyone's business, and that performance management should not be a specialized domain within your company. EPM Suite is easy to manage, so you can adapt it to meet the ever-changing business conditions.

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