Performance Management Cartoon Book

Performance Management Cartoon Book

Why this book?

We're certain that you're as alarmed as we are at the woeful statistics regarding the state of strategy and strategy execution in the organizational world. While exact numbers vary, it's clear from both scholarly and anecdotal evidence that most organizations don't possess a true differentiating strategy, nor do they have the capability to effectively execute a strategy.

We'd like you to bring you the experience and expertise from the performance management and strategy thought leaders around the globe.

How it all began:

For a number of years Tor Inge Vasshus, CEO at Corporater has been publishing business-related cartoons on and they have gained a consistent and vocal following, with adherents noting their shrewd depiction of corporate foibles. Meanwhile, Paul Niven has published several books on Strategy and the Balanced Scorecard.

They decided to work together in creating a book of cartoons that illustrate the challenges of strategy and execution, while offering practitioners simple and practical advice. Though they started the journey to create the material themselves, they felt that a chorus of celebrated voices would greatly enhance the book's appeal, acceptance, and ultimate effectiveness.