Corporate Performance Management Redefined

Achieving business outcomes requires more than just planning- it requires an execution framework. The Corporater Business management platform redefines corporate performance management to enable world-leading organizations to achieve business results through analyzing and reviewing performance.  Connect performance metrics with objectives, goals, risks, financial resources, projects, and plans to make better management decisions, and set those decisions into action.

Reports your way

How much flexibility does your current reporting system offer?

Corporater provides a rich reporting engine that allows creation and distribution of reports in MS Office formats: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  Besides being able to leverage the full MS Office functionality for your reports, you spend less time making reports, and more time working with your critical management information.

Corporater. Pixel-perfect reports, made for business users.

More than just numbers

Do your reports tell the full story?
Managers need the right information at the right time to make the right decisions. Charts and graphs cannot communicate the reasons behind the data. Tell a story about your data through comments, assessments, or evaluations. Let others know what the results really mean.

Corporater is much more than a reporting system– it is a management system.

Start telling your story with Corporater.


Are you still cutting and pasting management reports together? How much time could you save if you automated your reporting process?

Corporater automates your reporting process by connecting to all of your important management information. We also help fill in the gaps by providing web forms, Excel uploads, and user commentary and evaluation. All of this comes together to provide reports- both self-service, and distributed by email.
Spend more time on your business activities that really drive value– and less time reporting.

More than another reporting tool

Corporater lets you easily report all of your critical management information, on one platform. Our business layer allows you to link data and information from all of your management disciplines, including commentary, feedback, and performance analysis. Say good-bye to cut and paste reporting.

Reports the way you want them

Corporater uses native MS Office formats, such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. Design reports exactly the way you want them using your corporate branding. Pixel-perfect reports have never been easier.

Streamline your reporting process

Save time and money by automating your reporting process. The Corporater workflow engine coordinates automated data loading from source systems, manual form distribution, data approvals, comment collection, and report distribution. Spend more time working with your data, and less time collecting it.

Build your own solution

Build a solution to meet all of your corporate reporting needs. Corporater provides 250 ready-made business objects that are configurable to reflect the way you manage your business.

  • KPIs and metrics
  • Dashboards and scorecards
  • Unlimited metric hierarchies
  • Complex business rule modeling
  • Centralized metrics manager


“We wanted to visualize and capture deviations by automating our reporting process than spending a lot of time and effort on manually creating reports.”

Judy Wignell

Manager Business Performance, Western Water, Australia

“The Corporater Business Management Platform has ensured a single version of truth for performance management with robust reports, flexible information distribution, and comprehensive metrics.”

Amit Tayal

Chief Finance Officer at NCC, Abu Dhabi.

“Corporater Business Management Platform has ensured a single version of truth for performance management, with robust reports, flexible information distribution, and comprehensive metrics.”

Frederick Kioko

Head of Compensation and Benefits, Kenya Commercial Bank

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If you are seeking a specific solution and want to understand how it can be configured with our Business Management Platform, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We can discuss your unique requirements and work with you to create a demo customized to your needs.

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