Business Management Platform

Built for business users

Business driven design - meeting the challenges of business

Businesses are not organized around data dimensions and hierarchies. Businesses are comprised of people, business units, resources and capital, functions, and processes. Corporater brings all of these together into a single Business Management Platform to enable better and faster decisions, better use of resources, and better business outcomes. It provides everything needed to act on the decisions, to plan for success, and to review and evaluate the progress along the way - all within a single platform. All the management information you need, and the supporting data, is available anytime, anywhere.

Solution builder

The Corporater solution builder is designed for business users to model the entire business framework. Configure your planning and execution processes, activities, and actions to drive business outcomes. Create reusable objects designed around your management needs that can be easily linked to people, processes, business units and functions.

Information portal

Create a rich web experience for users by organizing content in business dashboards, with detailed views of results with Corporater business management software platform. A full library of interactive charts is available to visualize your data. Users can easily change the reporting period of page. Links to other reporting objects or business units are automatic, and breadcrumbs keep users oriented to each page context.


The Corporater business management platform delivers pixel-perfect reporting in the familiar desktop formats of Word, PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel. Report templates dynamically reuse your business context to reduce report maintenance. Corporater eliminates the need to cut and paste management reports, and automates your reporting workflow by combining report data from any of your source systems.


Bring your solution to life by automating your workflow and management activities. Corporater enables users to receive alerts and reminders based on performance conditions or impending timelines. Reports can be automatically generated and distributed to subscribers. Approvals and reviews of data and findings improve data quality. Bulk actions and updates provide lifecycle management and support solution maintenance.


Integration is more than just connecting to source data. Corporater business management platform also offer integration of content with other portals through the web or through web services. Single-sign-on (SSO) and email integration personalize the user experience. Supporting documents can be uploaded and integrated into the web and report environment. Spreadsheet upload fills the gaps of data availability, and spreadsheet reporting can be used to analyze data offline.

Content deployment

Corporater supports complex enterprises in maintaining their solutions through automating deployment. Business content and structures can be easily imported from source systems or spreadsheets to automate content creation. New objects can be added locally in the web, or centrally defined and deployed. As a dynamic, living system, these activities can occur directly on the server, to minimize disruption to users.

Create your own business solution

The Corporater Business Management Platform offers more than 200 ready-made business objects, out of the box, to support your full business framework - from data to outcomes.

  • Management frameworks
  • Assessments
  • Actions
  • Visualizations
  • Advanced reporting
  • Business rules
  • Processes and workflow
  • Information portal
  • Metrics management
  • Data automation
  • Deployment tools